Terms and conditions

At Larval, we strive to be fully satisfied with the products offered to our customers, admire them and be at the forefront of their attention.

Being here is a great pleasure to know our policy and read it perfectly and carefully to know us up close.

We are the site of Larval (larvalstore.com)

User: A customer looking for products to care for his hair and skin.

  • Our site is a place to sell and display our products and accurately define each product and how to use it.
  • We ensure that users of our products are of an adult age, and consult us before using any children’s product to emphasize the right age.
  • All customers should keep their information and not give any details of their account and PIN to anyone.
  • To send all our offers to your mail or phone number after registering in the newsletter, allow us to do so by confirming that you wish to.
  • We allow you a freely way to express your opinion and comment on each product provided that it is not incompatible with public morals.
  • We have the right at Larval to amend our usage policy to suit the changes received, allowing you as a user to access it for all details.
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